Hardware Issues

Hardware issues (faulty parts) are usually quite quick and easy to diagnose. If your computer is not turning on, makes a strange beeping noise, or appears to have any physical damage, then it has a faulty part and will need to be fixed or replaced.
Our staff are specially trained to help establish what the issue may be over the phone, so that our onsite technicians have all the information that they need to resolve your issues in the fastest possible time frame. Our onsite team carry all the required testing equipment and spare parts to quickly diagnose any issues you may be having onsite, and go through your options to have the problem rectified. Quite often when a faulty part fails it may be a good time to look to upgrade it, so that you are replacing it with a faster or larger capacity piece of hardware. All parts that we sell come with a 12 month warranty for the part, as well as a 3 month onsite labour warranty.